EVTrader offers many possibilities to bring your company to the attention of our visitors. The options may vary from the standard disclosure to advanced remarketing campaigns.

Ensure high visibility as a standard

  1. Register your business for worldwide visibility
  2. Choose the Global Visibility and Global Visibility Extended packages add referrals (links) to your website and social profiles.
  3. After 20 registrations, a news item will be posted on the website, one news item is sent to our members which is also, including your entry, continued on social media.
  4. If you choose for Global Visibility Extended you are able to present your business
    one single time as a unique news item.

Advertising for more visibility

Is your business looking for extra visibility? We offer you the opportunity to benefit from one of the following marketing tools:

  • To set up an advertorial/article
  • Promoting your advertorial with one of our (30.000+) members.
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • We offer multiple bannering positions within the website where we can manage your banner. (home page, detailed page and footer)

Segmenting target groups

It is important to know that we can make an exceptional segmentation of our target groups (our members). This way we ensure that they only receive relevant and thus interesting news items.


Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.