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By only modifying the engine, the Ecotuned conversion system offers a new avenue to quickly and inexpensively electrify trucks without abandoning the capital invested in the rolling stock. The Ecotuned system is mainly for light and medium-weight fleet trucks whose original 5-year / 60,000 miles warranty has expired, namely in the middle of their useful life.



Founded in 2011, Ecotuned’s mission is to provide economical and environmentally friendly transportation by converting fleet trucks into electric vehicles. Thus, Ecotuned aims to be a leader in the field of electric vehicle conversion in North America.


Virtually everything that comes in and out of a combustion engine is toxic to the environment. The pollution generated by this engine system is responsible for a third of the greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted into the atmosphere which greatly affects the climate balance and endangers the living organisms with which we share our ecosystem. Eager to provide a constructive solution to the conservation of our environment, Ecotuned uses clean and innovative technologies in electric transport to reduce your operating costs while reducing your ecological footprint.


At Ecotuned, we believe that to unite the key elements of success and build lasting success, it is essential to create strong, long-term business relationships. Our business model is the result of years of reflection and aligns prosperity with environmental protection. Our current growth offers several business opportunities in many different areas and business sectors. Contact us for more information.

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