About EVTrader®

The biggest EV-Database worldwide for all Electric Vehicles Manufacturers and Industry related companies.

EVTrader.com is an all-encompassing platform for the electric vehicle industry, connecting manufacturers, suppliers, developers, and buyers. It accelerates the search for resources with its advanced matchmaking and networking capabilities, including intelligent filters and specialized forums. Serving as a knowledge hub, it provides access to the latest trends, innovations, and market insights, supported by exclusive reports and opportunities for collaborative research and development. This platform with over 100 EV-Categories enables users to efficiently make connections and strengthen their competitive position.

Our USP’s

One-Stop marketplace
This platform offers a unique, comprehensive marketplace that brings together manufacturers, suppliers, product developers, and purchasers in the electric vehicle industry. Users can efficiently navigate through an extensive network of contacts, parts, and services, significantly speeding up and simplifying the search for the right resources.

Specialized matchmaking and networking opportunities

The platform provides advanced matchmaking capabilities that connect users directly with the most relevant partners based on their specific needs. This includes intelligent filters and search options to quickly find the most suitable manufacturers, suppliers, and products. Additionally, the platform offers networking and collaboration opportunities through forums, webinars, and virtual events specifically aimed at the electric vehicle industry.

Access to innovation and market insights

The platform acts as a knowledge hub for the latest trends, innovations, and market developments in the electric vehicle industry. Users gain access to exclusive reports, analyses, and case studies, as well as opportunities to participate in collaborative research and development projects. This enables them to stay constantly informed about the latest technologies and market movements, which is essential for maintaining a competitive edge.


With a subscription EV-Manufactures can give all detailed information about their business!