Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is EVTrader.com?
EVTrader.com is a comprehensive online marketplace designed to facilitate connections within the electric vehicle industry, streamlining the search for manufacturers, product developers, and buyers.

Who can benefit from using EVTrader.com?
Manufacturers, product developers, and buyers in the electric vehicle industry can all benefit from using the platform to find resources, connect with relevant partners, and access market insights.

How does the matchmaking system work?
The platform uses advanced search capabilities and intelligent filters to connect users with the most suitable partners based on their specific needs, enhancing efficiency in finding the right manufacturers, suppliers, and products.

Who can register on EVTrader.com?
We give every EV-Manufacturer or related EV-Industry company , small or big, the change to have at least a FREE registration on EVTrader®. But concerning ‘registration’ you’ll have to be a manufacturer. *** Importers, distributors or dealers can be mentioned through the manufacturer (Distributor overview) who has registered his company on EVTrader®.

Are there any fees associated with using EVTrader.com?
For specific details on membership plans, please see the “Pricing” section.

Is there support for research and development?
The platform encourages participation in collaborative research and development projects, offering opportunities to engage with the latest technologies and contribute to the advancement of the electric vehicle industry.

How can I contact customer support?
Customer support can be reached through the contact form on the EVTrader.com website. Users can submit inquiries, feedback, or request assistance regarding the platform’s services.

Can I contribute content or insights to EVTrader.com?
Yes, users are encouraged to contribute content or insights related to the electric vehicle industry. For submission guidelines or more information, please contact the platform’s editorial team.