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Electric vehicles market in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, with its capital city Sofia, is witnessing a gradual shift towards electric vehicles (EV’s) across various transportation sectors. Electric cars are gaining traction, fueled by government incentives and a growing awareness of environmental issues. Sofia, as a major urban center, is at the forefront of this transition, with increasing numbers of EV’s on its streets. The development of charging infrastructure and supportive policies is driving the adoption of electric cars, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation ecosystem in the city.

Electric buses and Micro-Mobility solutions

In addition to electric cars, Bulgaria is embracing electric buses and micro-mobility solutions. Cities like Sofia and Plovdiv are integrating electric buses into their public transportation systems, reducing emissions and improving air quality. Furthermore, electric scooters and bicycles are becoming popular alternatives for urban commuting, with bike-sharing programs and electric scooter rentals gaining momentum. This shift towards electric buses and micro-mobility options highlights Bulgaria’s commitment to sustainable urban transportation and the adoption of eco-friendly mobility solutions.

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