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Electric vehicles market in Mexico

Mexico’s government aims for Electric Vehicles to comprise 50% of all domestic car sales by 2030. This ambitious target encompasses zero-emission vehicles, such as hybrids and hydrogen-powered autos, reflecting the nation’s commitment to sustainable transportation initiatives.

In Mexico, the electric vehicles market is on the rise, with Mexico City leading the charge towards eco-friendly transportation solutions. Several manufacturers are making significant strides across various EV segments. Companies like KIA and Tesla offer popular electric cars such as the KIA EV6 and Tesla Model Y, providing consumers with efficient and sustainable driving options. In the electric bicycles sector, brands like Giant and Trek are introducing innovative e-bike solutions for urban commuting, catering to the growing demand for emobility. While the market for electric tricycles is still emerging, initiatives to electrify public transportation are underway, with companies like BYD and Volvo supplying electric buses to cities like Mexico City and Guadalajara, contributing to efforts to reduce emissions and improve air quality. As Mexico embraces the shift towards greener transportation, the EV-Market is poised for further growth, shaping a cleaner and more sustainable future for the country.

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