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Electric vehicles market in Taiwan

Taiwan’s electric vehicles market has been steadily growing, particularly in the scooter segment. E-scooters are widely popular due to their convenience and environmental benefits. Major players like Gogoro dominate this market with their innovative battery-swapping infrastructure. However, the adoption of electric cars has been slower compared to scooters. While there’s growing interest, challenges like infrastructure development and vehicle cost remain. Taiwan’s government has been promoting EV’s with subsidies and incentives. In the world of buses and trucks, there is a slow but steady move towards electrification, although it’s progressing at a slower rate than that of scooters. Companies like Mitac-Synnex and Thunder Power are working on electric bus projects. Electric bicycles are also gaining traction, especially for commuting purposes in urban areas. Overall, while the EV-Market in Taiwan shows promise, further efforts are needed to overcome barriers and accelerate adoption across various transportation sectors.

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