Fraunhofer USA: Fast charging with diamonds

Scientists at the research institution Fraunhofer have developed a material that could significantly speed up the charging of electric cars. This material also has the potential to greatly enhance electronic components.

The researchers created a material based on synthetic diamond membranes. They chose diamond because it efficiently conducts heat while insulating electricity, addressing a longstanding challenge in electronic components. Traditionally, heat-conducting copper or aluminum is used to remove heat, but because these metals also conduct electricity well, an insulating layer must be added. Diamond membranes eliminate the need for this insulating layer. While diamonds have been used in this way before, existing diamond heat spreaders are millimeters thick, limiting their applications. The membranes developed by Fraunhofer scientists, however, are only one micrometer thick, one-thousandth of a millimeter.

Fast charging with diamondsCharging time : reduced by 5 times

According to the researchers, the material is easily applicable to electronic components. The figures they mention are quite remarkable. Electronic components with the membranes should be cooled up to ten times more effectively. If the material is used in charging systems, the researchers say that the charging time for electric cars could be reduced by up to five times. Finally, they claim that the manufacturing process would be easy to scale up.

More test in 2024

Whether the technology performs as well in practice as it does on paper remains to be seen. Fraunhofer has so far only issued a press release. The technology has not yet been tested in the real world. The first trials with inverters and transformers in EVs and telecommunications will take place later this year.

Source and pictures : Fraunhofer USA