Ferrari constructs new factory exclusively for Electric Cars


Ferrari e-Building

(Image: Ferrari e-Building –

● Ferrari is charging ahead with its first electric vehicle
● The Italian automaker will build this groundbreaking car at a brand new factory specifically constructed in Maranello
● Committed to sustainability, Ferrari aims to power most of the factory using renewable sources

Ferrari e-building

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Ferrari shifts gears with a factory expansion dedicated to its first electric car. This “e-building” is a production powerhouse, crafting both electric and traditional car components – engines, motors, batteries, and hybrid systems. Ferrari says this flexibility lets them adapt to consumer demand for gas, hybrid, or electric vehicles.

Ferrari electrifies with Eco-conscious factory

Ferrari factory

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Ferrari is revving up for its electric future with a dedicated factory expansion in Maranello. This “e- building” isn’t just for EV’s; it’s a production hub for all things automotive, crafting engines, motors, batteries, and hybrid systems. This flexibility allows them to adapt to consumer demand for gas, hybrid or electric vehicles.

But Ferrari isn’t just focused on performance – sustainability is key. The goal is for the entire building to be powered by renewable energy, including 3,000 rooftop solar panels generating 1.3 megawatts. The facility even recovers over 60% of energy used in testing for reuse! They’re minimizing their environmental footprint further with rainwater harvesting and minimal disruption to the surrounding area.
Situated on redeveloped land near their existing campus, the “e-building” replaces older structures, demonstrating Ferrari’s commitment to a greener future.

Ferrari slams the brakes on EV skepticism, accelerating towards an electric future. Their first EV, priced to break the bank at $500k+, zooms into existence in 2025. A brand new Maranello factory, dubbed the “e-building,” will be its eco-conscious birthplace. This isn’t just for EV’s; it’s a flexible haven for gas, hybrid, and electric components. Sustainability reigns supreme with renewable energy, rainwater harvesting, and minimal environmental impact. Teaming up with SK On for batteries, Ferrari develops its own electric tech, proving they’re all-in on the future of electric luxury.


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