Tesla unveils its ‘secret to a quiet cabin’: Proprietary ‘Tesla Glass’

Tesla has released a new video that unveils its “secret to a quiet cabin”: its propriety Tesla Glass.

It is fairly rare for Tesla to produce marketing videos about its technology outside of actual special events, but the automaker decided to release one today about ‘Tesla Glass’.

Back in 2016, we reported on the automaker launching its new ‘Tesla Glass’ secret project and putting Mike Pilliod, a former Apple material engineer, in charge.

t the time, not much was known about the project beyond the name, but in the following years, Tesla developed its own expertise in creating new types of glass. This glass is used across its own products, including vehicles and energy products, like its solar roof tiles, also known as Solarglass.

Tesla has put Pilliod in front of the camera to talk about Tesla Glass in a new video released today:

In the video, Tesla gives a glimpse at its ‘glass technology center’ in Los Angeles.

The main feature Pilliod focused on is the latest acoustic technology Tesla has introduced in its vehicles – hence the name of the video.

“One of the coolest things we have done is incorporate acoustic side laminated drops across every vehicle at Tesla.”

He is talking about a double-paned glass with a dampening acoustic layer in between.

This feature first came to our attention last year when Tesla introduced it in the refreshed Model 3.

The engineer also made some interesting comments about the variety of purposes that Tesla develops its glass for. These include requiring the glass panels are safe in case of an accident and protect occupants from UV rays and noise.

Tesla also has to develop its front windshield glass to act as a lens for its front-facing Autopilot camera.

He showed some interesting approaches to test for distortion. It’s something I didn’t think about before.

Source : Elektrec

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