CityFreighter – The new upcoming Electric Truck for Urban Deliveries

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CityFreighter uses Crowdinvesting to accelerate Phase II

Unique Modular Electric Truck with lower cost and faster time-to-market

“A Sleeping Beauty is awakening”


Santa Barbara, CA, August 11, 2020  – CityFreighter, a start-up from California, who introduced its fully functional prototype CF1 on last year’s ACT show in Long Beach, is moving into Phase II, to build the beta version of its unique modular electric truck concept.

The chassis, the driver´s cabin, and the cargo area are designed as a modular system that allows being configured quickly in different vehicle variations and sizes.

CityFreighter on b2bevTo be able to move on with the project, while discussions are still on with potential investors regarding a larger investment commitment towards serial production, CityFreighter is using Crowdinvesting and is starting a raise on the leading US, platform, Wefunder.

Michael Schoening, President of Cityfreigher Inc.: ”We really love Crowdinvesting. You can engage with a broader global audience, it is a great form of marketing and you often can get valuable feedback for further product development”

We pretty much like CityFreighter´s modular concept. And we like the beautiful design. The ability to customize commercial vehicles in a more flexible way will certainly become a key requirement in this industry. The industry is also complaining about getting drivers on board. So why not making the workplace more attractive?

CityFreighter, in our opinion, has the potential to shake up the commercial vehicle industry. Securing further funding and finding the right strategic partners will be the key to success against other players in this segment, like Rivian or Arrival.

Michael Schoening, president of CityFreighter has been quite positive about that during our exclusive interview. It looks like the company is already talking to potential prospects.”

CityFreighter – Clean Urban Logistics Solutions


Company Information :
CityFreighter Inc.
414 Olive ST
Santa Barbara,CA 93101
United States

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