EV Experience in Zandvoort The Netherlands! September 23 to 25!

The Future is Electric!

Come to the EV Experience at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort in the Netherlands from September 23 to 25!

Feel the Power
Hear the Silence
Discover the Energy
Admire the Technologies and Experience Electric!

2022 EV Experience Zandvoort NLThe automotive industry is on the eve of the great Revolution. In the coming years we will stop burning fossil fuels and use emission-free transport. During the EV Experience we will take you on ajourney into the development of the EV (Electric Vehicle) industry and we will bring you into contact with the latest suppliers, you will be introduced to te latest car brands from China, among others, you will learn more about new technologies and meet your parties that are rapidly professionalizing in the EV Market.

Why switch to an EV now?

– EVs become the new norm (determined by European Union legislation)
– No more maintenance required for expensive rotating parts and oil changes
– Fuel is already precious, what to do in the next oil crisis?
– The amount of wind and solar energy is increasing rapidly and is available indefinitely
– Prices of new EVs are falling, second hand market is starting quickly
– Range improves strongly, charging infrastructure grows exponentially

What can you experience during the EV Experience?

– 100+ EVs of all shapes, sizes and designs on the track to experience for yourself through a track test drive
– Test drives depart from the pit lane and the long straight
– A completely filled pit building and paddock with more than 200 exhibitors and brands
– A Last Mile track; experience e-bikes, steps and scooters
– Experience all the possibilities around Last Mile Delivery Solutions
– Come to the EV Stage with three days packed with content and inspiring speakers
– Workshops that help you switch to daily electric driving
– Solutions for cities: find all currently available commercial vehicles at Stern Bedrijfswagens
– Come and play a round of electric karting!

2022 EV Experience Zandvoort NLExperience Tickets are available in a limited edition. Book now!

We look forward to inspiring you about the switch to emission-free transport!

Experience Electric during the EV Experience!

See you on 23, 24 of 25 september during the EV Experience!

Maarten Pompen – organisator EV Experience


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