Incredible Electric Car sales in Norway

Norway car sales 2011 – 2020:

Record share of BEVs at 54.3%. PHEVs at 20.4% share >> Electric Vehicles combined: 75%!

Audi e-Tron the most popular electric car.

Diesel percentage 10 years ago 75.8%, now only 8.6%!

Sales of plugged cars reached a new high last month in Norway. No less than two-thirds of all new cars sold in the Scandinavian country are (plug-in) hybrid or electric cars (EV).

Tax benefits
It is thanks to numerous rules such as tax benefits that the models with an electric motor on board are extremely popular. Buyers of an electric car do not have to pay purchase tax in Norway. Road tax or business tax has also been scrapped by the Norwegian government. The owner of a fully electric car also benefits from free charging, parking, ferry use and driving on toll roads. Furthermore, the drivers of such cars are allowed to use bus lanes.

Source : Eyvind Aven

Picture header : Audi

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