The new NIO ET9 with 900 Volt Drive System

Nio has unveiled its new electric flagship. The ET9 is set to hit the market in 2025, ready to compete with premium electric cars from BMW and Mercedes. What sets the ET9 apart are its numerous innovative features, including a unique shaking feature.

The Nio ET9 impresses with innovative technology and striking design.

With a system output of 520 kW (707 hp) and an advanced Full-Domain 900V architecture, the Nio ET9 offers a top-notch driving experience. The 900-volt technology also enables extremely fast charging of up to 600 kW. This allows the driver to achieve a range of up to 255 kilometers in just five minutes. Additionally, the ET9 offers a highly efficient battery swapping infrastructure, providing a fully charged battery in no time.

The shake feature of the Nio ET9

As an exciting extra, the car is equipped with an innovative function that allows the vehicle to autonomously remove snow. A released clip shows how the chassis of the ET9 shakes sideways to shake off the snow. The hydraulics can be controlled separately at all four tires.

Nio has also demonstrated in other videos the vehicle’s ability to effectively dampen shocks – even with fragile cargo on the hood. This impressive technology demonstrates that the Nio ET9 not only offers innovative features but also excels in terms of comfort and driving behavior

The luxurious interior of the Nio ET9

Inside the ET9, passengers can expect the highest level of comfort and technology. Large screens, an intelligent chassis system, and numerous assistance features provide a premium driving experience. While Nio has not fully revealed the dashboard design yet, they generously shared the luxurious details of the rear passenger area: The premium rear seats of the ET9 offer up to 45 degrees of adjustable backrests, extra-wide seat cushions, and eleven additional adjustment functions. Additionally, the car features seven electric sunshades.

Other equipment features include an eight-inch tablet screen between the seats, an electrically operated refrigerator, and two 14.5-inch AMOLED screens at the back of the front seats. Instead of a traditional dashboard, the ET9 utilizes a head-up display and a 15.6-inch tablet screen on the center console. Nio also mentions a retractable steering wheel design for the intelligent pilot function. However, the most spectacular detail is likely the split panoramic sunroof with an integrated light strip.

Pricing and availability

Nio introduces the ET9 as an electric car in the top segment, directly competing with the Tesla Model S. In doing so, the company not only challenges Tesla’s flagship but also competes with models like the BMW i7 and the Mercedes EQS. Starting at a price of approximately €100,000, customers will receive an electric car with a length of 5.32 meters, a wheelbase of 3.25 meters, as well as two comfortable executive seats in the rear and a fastback rear. The delivery of the ET9 is expected to take place after 2025 in China and at least a year and a half later in Europe.

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