Unico present new EV-Battery Testing solution

Unico unveils innovative EV-Battery testing solution praised for its robust capabilities and versatile functionality.

The forefront provider of EV-Testing solutions, Unico, introduces the BAT300 Series, setting an unprecedented benchmark in cell formation and testing. This innovative series addresses a critical void, catering to scenarios where top-tier research solutions are excessive in both cost and complexity, and traditional equipment lacks the necessary performance and efficiency. Ideal for cell formation in giga-factories, as well as aging and functionality assessments in R&D labs, and end-of-life (EOL) procedures in cell/module manufacturing lines, this technology boasts versatility across various applications.

unicous test equipmentTailored for test environments emphasizing cost-efficiency and adaptability over ultra-precise measurements, the BAT300 Series heralds Unico’s inaugural product release on the new Unico IDAC power platform, following the strategic acquisition of Present Power Systems (PPS). This acquisition significantly broadened Unico’s array of battery cell, module, and pack testing solutions, reinforcing its position as a leader in the EV-Testing domain.

Steve Bright, CEO of Unico, highlights the recent acquisition of Present Power Systems as a catalyst for technological advancements within their new Advanced Technology Group. The BAT300 Series emerges as the inaugural product from this acquisition, signaling Unico’s foray into diversified sectors such as on-board charging, home charging, and battery recycling.

Compact and versatile, the BAT300 Series operates as a comprehensive solution (480VAC to DC), optimizing testing efficiency while minimizing energy consumption. By addressing the gap between overqualified research solutions and underperforming conventional equipment, it enhances the landscape of basic cell testing and formation.

Don Wright, VP of Engineering at Unico, unveils the revolutionary ‘IDAC’ (Isolated DC/AC Conversion) power electronics platform embodied in the BAT300 Series. This platform signifies a paradigm shift in flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, laying the foundation for future innovations in Unico’s product roadmap.


Source and images : Unico