EVTrader.com has been moved to B2Bev.com


The B2B Platform of EVTrader.com has been moved and completely renewed on B2BEV.com With a new look & feel, a new concept, the B2BEV Platform provides you a set of smart tools to showcase your EV-Business worldwide, which helps to expand your EV-Network and innovate your products and services. Connecting e-Mobility!

Our Vision

B2BEV.com is the online platform where all companies related to the Electric Vehicles Industry can present and profile themselves. As a result small and large businesses will become worldwide more visible and will be able to build up their own network, to expand and stregthen (Connecting e-Mobility).

Our Goal

The goal of the B2BEV Platform is a stronger and larger network for only EV-Manufacturers that paves the way for faster growth and adaptation of Electric Vehicles, resulting in a more sustainable world.

Please find out by yourself : B2BEV.com

Note : On our worldwide Platform we ONLY except EV-Manufacturers and Services.